Flaggers Return To Lexington

Lisa Perry

Friday - Dozens of Virginia Flaggers “flagged” downtown Lexington once again on Lee-Jackson Day.

The annual protest effort brought out Confederate flags to the downtown streets starting early this morning. The Flaggers are continuing to protest both the prohibition of Confederate flags from city flagpoles and the removal of the replica Confederate flags from around the recumbent statue of Robert E. Lee inside Lee Chapel.

One of those participating was the man who will represent Robert E. Lee in Saturday’s Lee-Jackson Parade. Braxton Spivey said Friday he came to Lexington to honor his forbears who fought under the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. In the bed of the truck is anchored the Army of Northern Virginia battle flag.

 “Confederate President Jefferson Davis once said, ‘The victors will write the history,’” Spivey said. “Government textbooks are nothing but lies. That flag never flew over one slave ship. If they want to erase history, our children will know nothing of this. The only way they will learn it is word of mouth.”

Spivey, a Virginian by birth, parked his truck at Lexington’s busiest business district intersection Friday morning, and waited as other Virginia Flaggers gathered at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery before heading downtown with their flags.

The annual Lee-Jackson parade, sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, will start at 11:15 Saturday morning from the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery. A ceremony at the cemetery will start at 10:30.

On Monday, the second annual Martin Luther King Day Jr. parade will take place, starting at 10 a.m.


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